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About Saxon Brice

Saxon is a multi-medium, multi-discipline artist based in Los Angeles. Translating into drawing, painting and design, my experiences in the world, and with people, are what inform my art most. Whatever the project or medium, he first and foremost an image-maker, but I am just as much a storyteller.

While he was awarded my BFA from Parsons School of Design, his most impactful memories of art were at the dinner table, learning to draw with his grandfather, William Brice. A mid-century painter, and professor of Art at UCLA, he showed Saxon both a playful and a passionate curiosity toward any form of creative expression. He gave him the encouragement and freedom to investigate everything from Byzantine mosaics, to German expressionism, superheroes and Japanese Anime to Durer and Da Vinci with an equal sense of relevance, and respect towards their pioneering of technique and imagination. His grandfather was the person who showed him how to look, and try to see everything.

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  • Project Date: 2016
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