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“There is some incredible wellness shot recipes out there…”


Have you seen the number of wellness shots out there? It’s incredible and there are some really good shots out there. And while I am working on making better decisions when it comes to eating healthy, there are a couple of things that come along with that. That being said, I realized how much time I had been spending looking for different wellness shots out there, that I decided to create my own. Over the last six months, I have come up with my own very tasty wellness shot.


My Wellness Shot Ingredients: 

3 packages of organic ginger – peeled

¼ ounce of organic turmeric – peeled

12 ounces of cold pressed Trader Joes coconut water

½ tablespoon of cayenne pepper

1 organic lemon – cut into half


How to Make My Wellness Shot:

Cut the peeled ginger and place in blender. Cut the turmeric into pieces and place in the blender. Pour the 12 ounces of coconut water into the blender. Place the cayenne pepper into the blender and finally squeeze the lemon into the blender as well.


Now blend until the mixture is a puree. Once done I pour the puree mixture into a sieve. This is the fun part for me, I use a rubber spatula and mash the juice thru until all that is left is the pulp. Once you get all the juice out I whisk it together and pour back through the sieve for the second time.

What you have left is a combination of all great things that make my wonderful wellness shot. I have made a small purchase of 2-ounce glass shot glasses with lids that store my wellness shots in.

This is my Sunday ritual and helps make my week that much more enjoyable because I made it myself. So get out there and give yourself that little motivation to kickstart each day. Here’s to your motivation Monday.